Grand Theft Auto III - Liberty City[HIGHLY COMPRESSED]234 MB

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Grand Theft Auto III - Liberty City[HIGHLY COMPRESSED]234 MB

Post  Prasenjit on Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:01 am

Grand Theft Auto III - Liberty City[HIGHLY COMPRESSED]234 MB

Grand Theft Auto III is a sequel that eclipses the previous games of the series in every imaginable way.
 Although it carries a certain degree of infamy for its mature storyline and over-the-top violence, this high-profile game has earned well-deserved praise
 across the board from gamers for its excellent open-ended mission design and the freedom it gives you to explore and interact with a simulated sprawling

 The game's unnamed protagonist finds himself a rising star in Liberty City's world of organized crime, after a vicious betrayal by his girlfriend leads to
 a chance encounter with a man by the name of 8-Ball. Soon after getting your feet wet doing a bit of driving for a local mob boss, you'll soon find that
 if you want to get anywhere, you're going to have to get your hands dirty. If you can keep your cool while keeping your employers happy, you just might
 get a shot at revenge.

 Liberty City is a big place, and there's an incredible number of things to see and do. Not only that, there are countless ways you can go about seeing and
 doing them. Much of the fun in Grand Theft Auto III comes from doing your own thing and experimenting with the world around you.

1: Run setup file.

 2: Right mouse click on gta3 file and choose create shortcut.

 3: Move shortcut onto desktop.

 4: Run gta3 desktop shortcut.

 5: Enjoy playing GTA 3 !!!



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