18 tendency that you must not use not to kill your blog.

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18 tendency that you must not use not to kill your blog.

Post  admin on Fri Jul 09, 2010 11:33 am

18 tendency that you must not use not to kill your blog.

Since in most of the ambiences, in the blogging many errors can be committed and after this possibility exists of course we all will commit them. The important thing is to be able to recognize them quickly and have the clear notion of the great thing that they can lower the quality of our blog. Some of the most common.

Excessive publicity. To gain money with our blog is not slightly bad, but it is always necessary to bear in mind that the visits come in search of content. That the publicity does not overcome our king.

Lacking in interaction. The comments area is a powerful tool and in most cases indisopensable for every blog. Your readership needs to say many things to you and simultaneously they look for your answers.

Trolls. Although a blog with trolls is a successful blog, this can provoke that the comments area turns into a desvirtuo space and there gets lost the real value that it has. To support the controlled trolls is a good advice.

You fight. The discuciones are good and they favor to the growth of the blog. The content sometimes can be richer in the comments than in the post due to the discuciĆ³n. The limit that it is not necessary to spend is that of the respect and the tolerance not to turn this into meaningless fights.

Low publication frequency. The peoples bogey are slightly attractive. To support a frequency of active publication will favor to that the readership turns more follower of the blog. I usually eliminate of my reader of feed whom every long periods of time publish basically because I think that they already stopped doing it.

to see the finished and detailed manual. I share it to you here.


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