The Bible E-words 2010 (audio book + multi-languages)

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The Bible E-words 2010 (audio book + multi-languages)

Post  admin on Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:27 pm

The Bible E-words 2010 (audio book + multi-languages)

This Biblical software made sure you that it will be of big blessing for your life, so much if you are a shepherd,
leader or member of some Christian denomination. It is a software that serves to you to have a Library
IT COMPLETES of the whole Biblical Material that you could imagine, Bible, Comments, Maps, etc.

It is in 17 languages, so it is an ingenious maginifica of several idomas learn, since the software allows you to see several idomas at the same time.

so friends do not lose it it is practical and if you get tired of reading it has one complement that he reads it to you.

Also you can take it in your mobile, the mark does not matter.



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